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Focus your attention on what you are building.”  The words of Nikki Rowe hold very true to what the board of directors of Prowers County Development, Incorporated (PCDI) is dedicated to doing.  The organization is determined to bring about a new focus that will provide the results that Prowers County residents expect and deserve in their economic development group.

The board of directors has been considering what skills and responsibilities the organization and our investors expect from the new executive director since the February departure of the previous director.  PCDI President Rick Robbins said, “Our number one priority is to fill this position with the right person for the right time. We, as a board, did not want to rush to fill the void until we take the needed time construct the proper job description and qualifications. The board felt that while taking the time needed to do this we did not want to place all the pressure on Carla [Scranton, business manager] to keep PCDI’s goals moving forward.”

PCDI is pleased to welcome George Gotto as our Interim Executive Director.  George is well-known in the Prowers County communities.  PCDI President, Rick  Robbins said, “George can be our voice with present businesses and start communicating our newly focused goals. George brings a valuable mix of knowledge from managing businesses to viewing from the lending perspective.

Prowers County Development, Inc. (PCDI) represents business and economic development interests within Prowers County. PCDI board members and staff work with City, County, State, and private industry leaders to foster new business and support expansion of businesses that contribute to economic growth. PCDI provides assistance to new and existing businesses with retention, relocation, and expansion needs. We assist in finding appropriate sites or suitable buildings based on the clients’ needs. We provide assistance with any necessary permitting and help new developers walk through the process of planning, zoning, incentive negotiations, and other business development issues.

PCDI is hosting a series of Business Seminars with an emphasis on providing information and services to assist our existing businesses.  Our next Business Seminars will focus on Haz-Mat Awareness; Employee Handbooks; and Workplace Preventive Services.  We will also host a second  series of OSHA Forklift Operator Certification Courses in the Fall. 

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, we hosted a Seminar on Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness in the Workplace.  This  seminar offered business owners and managers insight into prescription abuse by employees.  The Workplace Prevention Department of Peer Assistance Services presented this 90 minute informative session.   They discussed what prescription drug abuse actually is, how employers can identify an employee that may be an abuser, and what owners and managers can do to prevent such abuse and handle issues that do arise.   This is the first of four business practice seminars that are being offered free to members of PCDI.  The three upcoming business practice seminars are employee handbook development and updating, customer service, and sexual harassment awareness and training.  PCDI members can contact Carla Scranton at (719) 336-2384 or e-mail to get more information on these seminars.  If a business is not a member, they can become one by contacting Scranton as well.  Memberships start at $100 and are based on a business’s full-time equivalency employment.

On May 7, 2014, we hosted an Ag Succession Seminar, which focused on planning the transition of the family farm and ranch from one generation to the next, and also on intra-family communications.  Jeffrey Tranel from CSU Extension was our featured speaker.  We had members of five area family-owned farm & ranch operations attend and their response was very favorable on the information presented.

We hosted two Customer Service Seminars on May 22 and 23, 2014.  These seminars were for both employers and employees in any business that deals with the public.   Katherine Correll, Executive Director at Downtown Colorado Inc. gave a presentation on unique customer experience.  Beth Parish talked about the idea of understanding (and making it about) your customer.  The training program was designed to provide ideas and discussion about how to identify the key needs of customers, engage with locals and visitors, and help businesses develop a stronger customer base.  We had ten participants for each session from retail and service businesses.  Participants were engaged in group discussions in both presentations.

On Nov. 13, 2014, we hosted three OSHA Forklift Operator Certification Courses.  We certified 65 employees of 17 companies in Prowers, Baca and Bent Counties with a 3-year OSHA Certificate.  We originally had a morning and afternoon course scheduled, but due to the large number of participants, we added another mid-morning course.  The businesses were very pleased to be able to have their employees certified in a local course rather than send them to the metro areas for these courses.  We were also able to offer the course at a much reduced rate than that charged by the metro locations.

The PCDI office is located in Suite 103 in the Rodeway Inn Cow Palace, 1301 North Main, just as you enter Lamar from the north on Highways 50 and 287. Stop in and visit us.

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